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Shanghai schiak testing machinery Corp., Ltd. is a dynamic balancing machine and on-site dynamic balancing instrument manufacturer integrating production, research and development, sales and service.

The main products are: ring belt drive balancing machine, universal joint drive balancing machine, single-sided vertical balancing machine, self-driving balancing machine, automatic positioning balancing machine, transmission shaft balancing machine, high-speed soft support dynamic balancing machine, double transmission balancing machine . Suitable for workpiece weights from 5 grams to 100 tons. It is widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, motors, fans, machine tools, power tools, machinery manufacturing, household appliances, printing, papermaking, textiles and other industries.

       The company's dynamic balancing machine industry has accumulated many years of practical application experience, providing technical service guarantee for the operation of dynamic balancing equipment in the global market, and has reached a relatively high level in the domestic industry in terms of technology, quality and performance indicators. Especially in the application of electrical measurement system technology, it has reached the advanced level in the market, and has been praised by customers at home and abroad, which has laid a certain foundation for the rapid development of our business. Continuously pursuing technological progress and enhancing professional service capabilities, we will cherish every opportunity to cooperate with you, and create a better future with you with full enthusiasm and sincere service.

Pursue the highest possible customer satisfaction, and hope that users from all walks of life will give us valuable opinions and suggestions, so that our company can provide you with more thoughtful and complete services, so that you can buy and use with confidence!